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The Low Environmental Impact of Diamond Alternatives and Lab Grown Diamonds

The incredible popularity of diamond alternatives and new generation diamonds has become increasingly evident especially in the last few years. At Yalish Diamonds, we provide special occasion pieces and wedding and engagement jewelry that feature only the absolute finest in engineered diamonds and gemstones. That said, we wanted to take a moment to talk about one of the true benefits of opting for a lab produced diamond, Moissanite piece over a natural, mined diamond, and that is, the overall environmental impact.

While certainly budget is important to many looking for engagement rings and wedding bands, the eco-friendliness of the product is also of significant importance to today’s conscientious shoppers. And this is precisely why we utilize stones that truly have a low environmental impact.

Lab Created Diamonds – The Responsible Choice

First off, with an engineered diamond the conditions under which it is created are obviously far more controlled than you have when mining diamonds. Consider the following: mining requires the use of heavy equipment and machinery. That alone, equates to a negative environmental impact. There is the pollution emitted by all of the machinery, then of course the amount of oil and gas being utilized during the process. Not only that, but as the diamonds are mined there is major disruption to the earth. It is estimated that for a single carat, nearly 2000 tons of dirt and rock have to be displaced. This consequently serves as a significant disruption to the natural landscape, not to mention, the impact it has on waterways and other surrounding features.

Within a carefully monitored and controlled lab environment, there is no such disruption. The equipment used is relatively minimal when compared with the diamond mining process; as a result, carbon emissions overall are far less. Easily, a lab grown diamond, when considering environmental factors, is far superior to a natural, mined diamond.

Moissanite – The Smart Choice for Today’s Special Occasion Jewelry

The Knot recently published an article on the importance of buying more earth-friendly wedding bands and engagement rings; among their choices for a more responsible stone: Moissanite. As with engineered diamonds, Moissanite is created completely in a lab. This means strict standards are adhered to and the environmental impact is minimal compared with what occurs during the diamond mining process. Not to mention, in terms of its origins, any such lab created stone is also conflict-free. The benefits of Moissanite beyond of course its low environmental impact are the fact that it is much less expensive than a natural diamond and, in some instances, its properties exceed that of a diamond.

What we have seen are customers who more and more care about what they are buying in terms of how it affects the planet as a whole. Whichever type of gemstone you select for your engagement and/or wedding ring, if it’s from Yalish Diamonds, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made a very responsible choice!



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