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The Premiere Diamond Alternative

Over a century ago Moissanite was actually considered to be one of the rarest naturally occurring gemstones in the world. The crystals were first discovered in a meteor fragment in Canyon Diablo, Arizona by French scientist Henry Moissan. Later to be named for him, the silicon carbide crystals were deemed incredibly hard to source given the origin. In fact, this crystalline “stone” came to be known by the names Space Diamond and Stardust.

It wouldn’t be until the later part of the twentieth century that a method was discovered whereby this stone could be created in a lab using a complex process involving both heat and pressure. Because of this process, the resulting Moissanite is nearly as hard as a diamond. Diamond rates a 10 on the Mohs scale versus Moissanite’s 9.25. Its consequent ability to resist abrasion and chipping is also on par with that of a natural diamond and in fact, outranks diamond as far as toughness. This is precisely why at Yalish Diamonds we are proud to feature engagement rings and wedding bands that showcase this most impressive stone. The Moissanite we offer are all ideal cut, graded D in terms of color and VVSI on the clarity scale.

Why Choose Moissanite – Brilliance and Fire

If you are searching for that perfect engagement ring or that wedding band to commemorate your love as you embark upon your life together, you would be wise to consider a Moissanite piece. Much less expensive than the cost of a diamond, Moissanite is becoming a very sought after stone. This particular gemstone actually has a higher refractive index than diamonds. What this means essentially is that it possesses a greater overall level of brilliance than its diamond counterpart. “Brilliance” is basically indicative of how much a stone sparkles. So, when comparing Moissanite and Diamond side by side, you may note that there is definitely more of a sparkling effect with the Moissanite. Not to mention, its fire is double that of a diamond. This accounts for the dazzling way in which the stone emits flashes of colored light.

Yalish Diamonds is in the business of selling rings and jewelry that embody the timelessness associated with love and relationships. Because of this we have carefully selected only those stones that will in fact stand the test of time. Moissanite lasts forever! Not only that, but given the way in which they are developed, Moissanite stones have far less of an environmental impact compared to sourcing natural diamonds. This truly is the new generation of engagement and special occasion gemstone: affordable, incredibly beautiful, and spectacular to behold. Moissanite is a diamond alternative well worth checking out!



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