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Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds:
There Really is No Difference

One of the reasons that an increasing number of people are moving toward lab grown diamonds over natural diamonds in terms of wedding and engagement jewelry…The fact that diamonds created in a lab are a far more responsible and ethical choice. The environmental impact of sourcing natural diamonds takes its toll. On the other hand, lab created diamonds, such that are developed under stringent
standards, are every bit as dazzling and as beautiful. As far as the visual and physical properties, there really is no difference between the two.

At Yalish Diamonds, we take our responsibility to this planet seriously. We also take our jewelry collections seriously. We want customers to enjoy exquisite rings and bands for a lifetime—after all, these pieces are symbols of love. Consider the following when deciding whether or not to purchase a lab created diamond:

When it’s time to make that decision regarding an engagement ring or wedding band purchase, for many people budget is of concern. As you can see, a diamond engineered in a lab costs a fraction of what its natural counterpart costs—leaving you more money for other things!

Why Engineered Diamonds are Today’s Smart Choice

Because lab grown diamonds are in fact made in a laboratory, the environment is completely controlled. Beginning with what is in essence a diamond “seed,” the resulting diamond can be grown to virtually any size as well as a variety of shades and colors.

Yalish Diamonds is invested in providing our customers with only the best gemstones available today, which is why we are so excited to be able to feature lab created diamonds as part of our luxurious collection of wedding/engagement rings and bands. Engineered diamonds look and act just like natural diamonds—the only true difference is of course their origin. And this is exactly why a lab grown diamond, more and more, is becoming the smart choice for special occasion jewelry.



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